Healthy Resolutions

Are New Year’s Resolutions still a thing? What if instead of focusing on resolutions for the year, we focus on total lifestyle changes? Let’s make healthy resolutions that we’ll benefit from long after the initial high of the New Year the new thing.

Gyms are packed from January to March and Amazon is flooded with buyers looking for the best workout videos and healthy cookbooks. Is there something wrong with this? Not necessarily. But why aren’t we able to stick through these ‘resolutions’ all year long? No worries, I’ve done the same thing – except my diets have typically ended two or three weeks in. I can nearly guarantee that we’re all guilty of backing out on a resolution that we were so excited for on January 1st.

Today I want to offer some different options. Hopefully they’ll motivate you to make small changes to your every day, rather than huge diets or workout regimens that aren’t manageable.

Juice Cleanse

Last year, the week before Christmas, I did a juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery. It lasted three days, with nothing but juices. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated! Plus, it was just fun to know that I completed the cleanse and felt awesome. I felt better and actually had more energy by the end of the three days than I did before. Something about feeding your body only the good stuff, I guess?

Juice cleanses get some praise and some backlash. Many people believe they’re a great way to start a clean eating diet to start you off on the right track. Others believe they’re horrible for you and cause your metabolism to slow down too much. Depending on the cleanse you choose, this could be true. During my cleanse, I opted for one that had an almond milk drink for the 6th juice of the day. This allowed me to get tons of protein and to continue working out during each of the three days.

After my experience, I would highly recommend trying a juice cleanse to get you started on the right foot. Three days is plenty and definitely choose a cleanse with a protein option. Making it through those days will allow you to finish feeling empowered and motivated. You will feel more energy and more excited to continue feeding your body the good stuff.


Whole 30

Whole 30 is not a diet. Specifically, it’s a way to create healthy eating habits by focusing on overall nutrition and freedom from food. This program is designed to change your life by teaching you to incorporate all of the good, whole foods, rather than processed, sugary foods. It’s not easy, but definitely not impossible.

If I’m being entirely honest, I’ve only done about two weeks of the Whole 30. BUT I’ve purchased the book and have created many of my own recipes to set myself up for success with the program for the entire 30 days. You can get your Whole 30 guide here! They also have another great cookbook you should definitely check out. With tons of easy recipes, you will never run out of options during the month!

One great thing about this lifestyle is that they encourage you NOT to weigh in during the 30 days. This enables you to not only gain freedom from food, but also from the scale. I’m one of those people who can’t seem to get over the number on the scale. Only recently have I stopped focusing on the number and started recognizing how I actually feel about my body. Freedom from the number has enabled me to feel better overall and after weighing in for the first time in two weeks, I weigh less than I have in two years!

Is anyone interested in doing the Whole 30 together? We could share recipes and discuss how we’re feeling about our progress. Please let me know if you’re interested in this! I will be starting on January 1st and look forward to doing a few more throughout the year.


Gym Memberships

At the beginning of the year, many gyms have specials for joining – why not take advantage? Being surrounded by others who are just as driven as you are is so motivating! No matter what stage of your healthy living journey or where others are in their journey, you can all learn something from one another.

It’s not easy to vow to run outside every day when there’s snow on the ground and the temperatures don’t reach 30 degrees. Buying a treadmill or elliptical is another option. But there’s just something about the motivation you feel from the dozens of other people who are just as motivated. I promise, you will feed off of one another without knowing a soul.

Shop around for the best deals in your area to find your gym home. I want you to feel as comfortable in your gym as I do in mine. Make it your second home!


Motivated Yet?

So after reading this, who’s motivated to push through the entire year making healthy resolutions for your life? What kinds of changes are you looking forward to this year? Improving your mental and emotional lifestyles? Or focus more solely on your physical health? All aspects are equally important. Share with me one of your lifestyle changes and lets talk about it!


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