Wait…When Did I Become A Runner?

Anyone else? I’m actually a runner… That runners high is in full swing, y’all. Rain or shine, I gotta have it. A whole different set of endorphins come from running than come from barre and this girl needs both! Running provides an escape that I haven’t found from anything else in life – not just from a workout.

I will admit, long distances are not quite my thing – yet. But for so many years, I would refuse to run at all. One lap around the track was far too much. Seriously. I would walk 5 miles easily, but running was not an option. Over the last year or so, something changed.

My Motivation

For years, my sister and I played basketball so obviously tons of running was required. Why is it that running up and down the court for an hour was nothing? But as soon as it came time to run outside on the track, that was not happening… It was so boring! The fast pace of the game, obviously with the goal of scoring points and winning made it all worth it. Running around for miles with no real end goal seemed like a waste of time. I’m still not sure what else I was doing with that precious time, but nevertheless, now here I am preaching about becoming a runner (!).

When my sister went away to school, her roommates challenged her to run the half marathon her school put on every year. Naturally, she took the challenge. She started training with the other girls and that’s where my initial motivation to become a runner began. She finished the race and couldn’t wait to start training for the following year. My sister finished four half marathons in five years (her senior year race was snowed out), and now she’s got me wanting to run my own races.

What Changed?

My change of heart toward suddenly wanting to be a runner can be attributed to many different things. First, I’m so competitive – if my sister was running half marathons, I had to prove I could too. Then, I start using a Polar Fitness watch at Pure Barre that helps keep track of my heart rate and calories burned. That led me to use it when I run. Seeing that steady heart rate motivated me to run harder and run further. You can get your Polar Fitness Watch here!

You can see my results with my own Polar Watch below. They don’t sell this version anymore, but the one linked above is my new favorite when I run.

I started challenging myself by signing up for 5k races in the area, starting out with The Color Run, and getting my whole family involved. By paying for the races, I was holding myself accountable to finish each race running. Mentally, I told myself “you can walk at home for free, you’re going to finish this race running start to end.” And it worked. I needed that push.

The biggest thing that Pure Barre has taught me is that your body can do anything you set your mind to. Your mind will quit far before your body ever will, so just keep going. Tell yourself you CAN do it. This applies 100% to running as well. It’s a frame of mind. A lifestyle that will only come about by pushing your mind and body further than you ever thought possible.

What are your best running programs to shave off some time? I’m counting on you guys! Once I start really training, I’m gonna need these tips!

Another thing that changed is what I listen to when I run. I love listening to podcasts or Audiobooks. By listening to these, my run stays at a much more even pace. When I used to listen to music, I ended up varying my speed based on the beat of the music and would tire out so fast. Check out AudioBooks and get 50% off your first book!

Pure Barre Supplement

We all know that running can be so hard on your body. Since I’ve only been running short distances so far, I haven’t been feeling the effects too bad. But one thing I know that’s helped is maintaining my Pure Barre habits. Pure Barre is low impact, yet high intensity. So many of the women there have been runners for years and got into barre because of how great it is on your body. They’re two completely different workouts that compliment each other perfectly!

Have you found the perfect complement to your cardio routine? Let’s hear it!

By adding Pure Barre and running to my work out routine, I have seen changes in my body I never thought possible. The photo below is a one year difference. By seeing these results, I could not be more proud of how far I’ve truly pushed myself and I’m motivated to keep pushing.

June 2016 on the left. June 2015 on the right.

The Ultimate Goal

I’ve run around six 5k races so far. Every year on my birthday weekend, The Urban Bourbon Half Marathon is held in Louisville, Kentucky. My goal is to run it next year and each year for the next five years. I’d love to run some in between, but something about it being on my birthday weekend gives me more motivation. I see myself as a runner, but I’m excited to actually prove I’m a runner!

Who is willing to share their half marathon training plans with me? Please?

Your Turn!

Is there anyone else out there who has shunned running? What cardio do you do instead?

What about someone who’s recently taken on running? I want to hear about your journey! Runner or not, share with me your cardio and resistance training routines!

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