Planning for Success as a Student

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Chances are we all know at least one person who is ready to embark on their college journey in the fall. When I first went away to school, I remember feeling like I had so many school supplies, yet I felt nowhere near prepared enough to actually start college. Y’all already know how much I love office supplies and every possible product to keep me organized, so I thought I’d elaborate a little more on some things that I loved having and that I wish I had! Through my five and half (long) years of college, I finally learned what products work best and the ones that aren’t really necessary. These are the things that have worked well for me and the things I really don’t think I would have made it through successfully without!

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I really feel like a person can’t have enough office or school supplies. It’s just not possible! You’ll always use them eventually, and there’s just something about a nice clean notebook with catchy stickers and colorful pens that make note taking easier. In college, my Lilly Pulitzer Academic planner was the best thing I owned. It was bright and colorful, user-friendly and made me actually want to get it out to use – always. How cute is this Lilly Pulitzer Agenda?!

Lilly pulitzer planner for school is colorful and a great way to keep track of all the important details

Since college, I have moved on to other planners. Over the last 3 years, I fell in love with Erin Condren planners. They are cute, have great day by day plans and help me be more efficient. You can check them out by clicking on the banner below.

However, I just received my first Day Designer planner and I AM IN LOVE, Y’ALL. No lie. These are amazing. 100% my favorite. They have the best designs for their covers and the inside is so detailed – I seriously cannot wait to use it! I’ve already started adding important dates and birthdays for 2018. Check out all the awesome accessories and planners using my link!

I’ve given three different options for planners and even though my favorite is my Day Designer, you truly cannot go wrong with any of them. The Lilly planner is more budget friendly while the Day Designer planner is a little more steep. In my opinion, it is absolutely worth the extra money. They break down the day by hour and allow for notes and inspirational quotes on the pages. Just opening it up motivates me even more to be a better girl boss!


I always loved to use a colored coated notebook & binder for each class, just the simple $1 or $2 ones you can find just about anywhere they sell school supplies. I know I linked these pens in another post, but I’ve found that color coating notes with ink color helps in the studying process, it doesn’t just look pretty! These BIC colorful pens are inexpensive and the best option, with the best colors!

Note taking is never complete without page markers and stickers. Check out some of my favorites here! There are so many options out there, so I just wanted to share some of the ones I love most.

Another thing that made organization of my weeks easier was a set of paper clips, push pins, and binder clips, in addition to a small bulletin board. I used the bulletin to write out my week at a glance, in order to hold me accountable and let me know what events I had coming up that week. My Day Designs Wall Calendar has since taken the place of a bulletin board in my home, but either one works perfectly! Which one do you prefer?

Do any of you all have an organization station in your kitchen or somewhere around the house? I think they are SO cute so please let me know if y’all have one & how you set it up & use it!

Amazon Products

The summer before heading to school, I received an Amazon gift card as a graduation gift and had absolutely no idea what I would ever find on Amazon. Good news – Amazon has literally everything. I ended up finding my favorite kate spade new york pencil pouch on there and I still use it today! It’s so clean and pretty and, I must say, we have definitely come a long way from the plastic pencil boxes from first grade! I also absolutely love my Kate Spade coffee tumbler. Mine is white and gold striped, and my pencil holder is white and gold polka dots, like I’ve linked above. Does it get any cuter than that?

One of the biggest things I’ve fallen in love with is this programmable crockpot. There are so many recipes out there that are so much better than soup every night and cooking with a crock pot is SO easy. Besides, these bags make for the easiest clean up! I love making oatmeal or chia pudding in the crock pot, as well as my Mexican chili and apple crisp. The options are endless. Over the last few years, I’ve accumulated several cookbooks with tons of recipes. We all know there’s tons of options out there to make cooking easy for busy students or adults! We’re all busy, so no matter if we’re heading to college or just dealing with all the crazy of our every day lives’, a crock pot is always a good idea.

Prime Student

Another thing that I used the heck out of during college was Amazon Prime for Students. It’s so nice to have free two-day shipping for books and emergency notebook or supplies orders that you didn’t know you were going to need. You can use my link Join Prime Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students to get Prime for students! I promise, it seriously saved me in college!

Many of these recommendations and products are steered more toward girls. But some of my note taking tips and colored coordination study habits hopefully can help everyone!


Who do you know that’s heading off to school? What are you doing to help get your student ready?

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