8 Habits For Excellent Self Care

use these self care tips to improve your life

Life is crazy. I’m certain that’s something we can all agree on. No matter if you’re a student, a twenty-something year old trying to create a successful professional career, a parent, or retired – life is crazy all the time. Amidst all the craziness, our self care is the first thing that tends to fall […]

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Meal Planning and Prepping

Over the last year I’ve been making a conscious effort to plan my lunches for the week every Sunday. This holds me accountable to eat healthier, save money, and save time on week nights. It’s also nice because it allows me to cook different dishes, which I absolutely love! Meal planning and prepping isn’t so […]

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What’s in Your Garden?

fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, zucchini from the garden

Let’s talk gardening. It’s summertime and fresh, homegrown plants and foods are becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason! It’s your land, your soil, your seeds – you know exact what’s going into your garden. There are no additives or chemicals, just the fresh stuff! Whether you’ve got a full garden or grow you veggies […]

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Pitaya Smoothie Bowls

This one is my absolute favorite & I could really eat this every single day. I am all about eating what you love, but I know as well as anyone that you’ve got to give your body the good stuff. My go to in the morning, especially in the summer, is a smoothie or smoothie […]

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Halo Top vs. Arctic Zero

arctic zero or halo top? both delicious, healthier options for ice cream!

Well, it’s finally time to address one of the more popular debates in the world these days: Arctic Zero or Halo Top? Which kind of healthier ice cream option is the best? It seems like every time we turn around there’s another option for healthier snacking & sometimes it’s just too hard to choose! Plus, […]

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