Patience is a Virtue

How many of you have recently felt like you’re stuck in a plateau? At work. At home. With your finances. With your diet and workout plan. Who frequently struggles with patience for improvement more than they’d like to admit?


We’ve all heard the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’, but how many of us are actually living and teaching it?

Personal Struggles

Admittedly, patience is definitely something I struggle with every single day. We are a generation who doesn’t like to wait. When we want something, we buy it. When we ask for something, we get it. Living during a time with the internet and online shopping, everything we could ever want is at our fingertips.

It’s almost like having patience for daily life isn’t necessary anymore. But the fact that I’m the most impatient person I know has gotten me in quite a bind. It seriously makes me crazy! I really can’t stand to wait!

Lately I’ve become so impatient with my work. I’m ready to advance – now. The same goes for my blog. I’m ready for it to be successful – now. It’s just so hard to sit back and wait for the answers I want right away. It feels like I’ve put in so much work and so much effort and I’m so ready for it to take off.

We all know it just takes time. If we put in the work, success will come. Eventually.  But how long is eventually?

I mean all the time we spend waiting for our hard work to pay off has to be worth it, right?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to work for the things we really want in life. That adorable shirt is one click away but that doesn’t mean we’ll lose those stubborn 5 pounds by tomorrow. The things that are worth it take time. But how much time?

Improving Our Patience

No matter what we’re waiting for, it’s definitely not easy to put our minds’ on other things. Unfortunately, dreams about promotions or my blog going viral are regular occurrences these days.

What should I do as I’m waiting for the answers I’ve been looking for?

I’ve recently taken to running and it’s certainly helped. I’ve been putting in more work on my website and on promoting my page. Focusing on creating healthier recipes keeps me busy. Creating new ideas and products for my small creative business keeps my mind off of these things that keep me awake at night. I’ve worked to create habits that keep my mind busy and that will bring me closer to my goals in life. I’m living each day intentionally, regardless of the fact I’m (impatiently) waiting for new opportunities.

Your Turn!

What kinds of things are you doing to improve your patience? Do y’all struggle with this as much as I do?

What other habits should I incorporate into my life?

How do you ease your mind when you can’t seem to wait any longer for that answer you’re dying to hear?

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