Gardening: Succulents & Cacti

grow beautiful, flourishing succulents with these simple tips and tricks

In my post, What’s in Your Garden?, I talk about how much I love developing my own gardens at home. Not only with beautiful flowers and plants, but with fresh veggies and herbs. Today I’m going to talk about another one of my favorites from the garden: succulents & cacti! I love succulents more than […]

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What’s in Your Garden?

fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, zucchini from the garden

Let’s talk gardening. It’s summertime and fresh, homegrown plants and foods are becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason! It’s your land, your soil, your seeds – you know exact what’s going into your garden. There are no additives or chemicals, just the fresh stuff! Whether you’ve got a full garden or grow you veggies […]

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