Gardening: Succulents & Cacti

grow beautiful, flourishing succulents with these simple tips and tricks

In my post, What’s in Your Garden?, I talk about how much I love developing my own gardens at home. Not only with beautiful flowers and plants, but with fresh veggies and herbs. Today I’m going to talk about another one of my favorites from the garden: succulents & cacti! I love succulents more than […]

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Finding Your Passion

sunsets aid in relaxation and provide constant motivation and reminders that we can do what we put our minds to

Y’all are probably instantly wondering: “Why on earth should I take advice on how to find my passion from her?” *This post contains affiliate links. As someone who has clearly admitted she has no idea what she wants to do in life and never has, it probably seems like I’m the last person you would want […]

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Patience is a Virtue

How many of you have recently felt like you’re stuck in a plateau? At work. At home. With your finances. With your diet and workout plan. Who frequently struggles with patience for improvement more than they’d like to admit?   We’ve all heard the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’, but how many of us are […]

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Pitaya Smoothie Bowls

This one is my absolute favorite & I could really eat this every single day. I am all about eating what you love, but I know as well as anyone that you’ve got to give your body the good stuff. My go to in the morning, especially in the summer, is a smoothie or smoothie […]

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