5 Tips for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

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When your every day life is driving you insane, getting away for the weekend is one of the best decisions you can make. I just returned from a weekend in Chicago with my boyfriend and I’m feeling so brand new. It was exactly what I needed to start the week feeling refreshed and to get back to the grind of working full time and running a blog. Sometimes a little break for your brain is all you need to regain the brain power!

My weekend getaway to Chicago was one of the best weekend trips I’ve ever taken. It felt like a week vacation and it was SO hard to come home. So today I’m sharing some advice on how to have a successful getaway that you know you need! Ready?


No matter where you go, try not to spend much time on your phone. It’s okay to keep it handy in case of emergencies, but make an effort not to check Facebook every 20 minutes. By removing yourself from social media and email, you’ll feel like you’re truly on vacation! It’s so refreshing! Make this weekend getaway all about yourself. Be selfish about it! It doesn’t matter what people are doing back home. Don’t let others control the relaxation of your trip.

Do Something New

You don’t have to go some place you’ve never been, just be sure to do one thing you’ve never done. For me, I’d never taken a trip like this with my boyfriend and he’d only been to Chicago in the winter. Being able to go with someone new who isn’t as familiar with the city allowed me to see it in a completely different light. We ate dinner at Giordano’s and had candy cocktails at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Each of which I’d never done and I highly recommend both! It was a familiar place with new experiences! There are always new places opening in your favorite places so take advantage. Try not to eat at chain restaurants or places you can find at home.

Be a Tourist

I don’t care if you’ve been there 100 times, allow yourself to do touristy things. We visited The Bean at Millennium Park this weekend and it was just as beautiful as ever. We walked down the River Walk and watched the locals go on with their daily routines. Take in every attraction like you’ve never seen it before. Find a list of things you must do in the place you’re visiting – do those! Whether you’re visiting a familiar place or not, you’ll be able to take it all in!

Spontaneous Weekend Getaway

I know – weird for the queen of planning to say right? But I mean it. Go without a plan. Be spontaneous with your weekend getaway. Wake up without an alarm, allow yourself a cheat day, make every day new. We went into downtown knowing we just wanted to walk around. This allowed us to stop in at Dylan’s Candy Bar and wander aimlessly. If we had a set itinerary, we definitely wouldn’t have felt like we had time to wander like we did.


If you are able, refrain from taking a cab or Uber anywhere. By walking the streets, you’ll see so much more of the city! You’ll be able to look down little side streets and stop in every small shop you see. If you’re in a cab, you’ll probably be more focused on getting from point A to point B instead of enjoying every little thing in between. And that’s one of the greatest parts of vacation! Not only is walking good for you, but I promise you will have a much better experience! Go in that little shop you didn’t notice last time you visited. Stop to take a picture of the river even though you’ve already taken 50 on other visits. Enjoy every little detail! You’re there to relax!

Your Turn!

These are just a few things that helped me have a completely refreshing and exciting weekend getaway. I truly feel like a new woman and like I’m ready to dominate better than I have in months!

Where is your favorite place to refresh and recharge for a weekend getaway? Any advice to add to the ones I’ve listed above? I would love to hear them so share them with me below!

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