5 Ways to Make Extra Money

Chances are, we’re all looking for ways to make some extra money. Whether it’s to take a family vacation, pay off student loan debt (me!), or just build up our emergency fund, extra cash is always helpful!

Through the years, I’ve learned a few ways that really work to get some extra cash in your pocket. Some are so simple while others require a little more time and patience. Today I’m listing the top five ways to make a little money on the side!


Start a blog

You guys know I had to list this one! Even though I’m still pretty new at this and don’t have nearly the following I’m aiming for, I’ve already made some money with my page! By no means is it a get rich quick scheme, and it takes a lot of hard work. But this is definitely something you can do in addition to working full time. The startup is really pretty inexpensive and I have so much fun working with it every single day.

Just be sure you have great content and you’re only working with items that you have used personally. If your page is a giant ad, that really doesn’t look very good to your readers. I’ve incorporated ads throughout my pages and posts while also creating content that makes people want to come back and read again. If you love to write and have always wanted to start a page, go for it!

Take Online Surveys

There are several different companies out there that will actually pay you for your opinion. Inbox Dollars is the only one I have actually used, but I absolutely love it. I’ve made over $200 just from taking surveys with them. Some are very short, others are long, and it’s not something that will generate a huge income. Again, just something to make some extra cash. One nice thing about Inbox Dollars is they give you $5 just for signing up! The minimum payout is $30 but it’s pretty easy to reach this every other month, depending on how active you are in taking surveys.

Some other sites that offer surveys for cash are SwagBucks, E-rewards, VIP Voice, and Harris Poll.

Neighborhood Help

It may seem like this is a better idea for your kids, but these are things anyone can do at any age! Growing up, babysitting for neighbors or cousins was always an easy way to make a little bit of extra money. Now it’s no different! I never set a certain wage per hour, but I know some babysitters ask for $13 an hour per child! That’s pretty good money to let mom and dad go out for date night for a few hours.

If you have your own lawn mower, offer to cut the grass for people in the neighborhood who don’t have their own mower. This is yet another simple task that you can easily make an extra $30 or so a week, depending on the size of the yard.

Lastly, there’s always the option for a yard sale. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! Go through those boxes in the basement you haven’t touched in years and rake in some cash one weekend. Set up a refreshment and snacks stand and you’ll be on your way to making some extra money!

Take on a Second Job

No one wants to spend their whole life working, but sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do! By taking on a second job, you’ll not only be making some extra money, you’ll be using your time wisely, instead of spending money! There are always places hiring for part-time work, especially in retail or as a server a few nights a week!

There’s no need for the second job to be permanent, just until you’ve reached a specific financial goal.

There are also tons of small businesses you can work with to become distributors to make your money being your own boss. I know people who have had success with Rodan & Fields, Advocare, and Beach Body, just to name a few.

Etsy Shop

It seems like being creative is the norm these days and there are so many adorable DIY decorations that people love! If you’ve got that creative gene, start your own Etsy shop! Sewing, crocheting, cookie decorating, basic home decor – there are shops for everything! Etsy is super easy to shop with and very easy to sell with.

There are no monthly dues, just a small posting fee, as well as a payment and transactions fee. If you have many options on the site, this will reach a broad audience and offset the small fees. I’m always hesitant when I see something is going to cost money when I just want to make money, but it’s totally worth it sometimes!



Do you have extra movies or books laying around the house? Sell them! You can take them to Half Price Books and get a fairly decent payout. Of course, the amount they give depends on their needs at that store, but $2 or $3 a book is better than collecting dust at home, right? You can also take clothing to consignment shops like Clothes Mentor, in the Louisville area. I’ve had pretty good experiences at multiple locations!


Your Turn!

Most of these tips are ones you may have seen before but never really realized how easy it would be to at least try it. They aren’t necessarily get rich quick ideas, just small ways to bring in a little more money.

What kinds of ideas for a side hustle do you have? Has anything else worked for you that I should add to the list? Let me know!

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